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This Membership gets you 2 dinners worth upto $50 dollars per person.You will also get 3 lunches valid for Monday through Thursday. This membership is only for one person.You are able to use one dinner at a time  

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gold membership 


This membership will get you 2 dinners and 3 Lunches every month. 

Terms and Conditions

This offer cannot be used with no other offer. This membership will start one month after purchase(Ex. If  you buy this membership on the first of March it won't be activated till first of April.) The 2 dinners and 3 lunches must be used every month there will be no bundling up these two to the next month. Not valid for takeout or cash. Non-Refundable. Valid only for dining only. It is only a 12 month contract.  This is for ONE person only. Your card will be charged every month on auto pay. This Membership can not be canceled mid year. Please pick up your card from the restaurant.